Monday, March 30, 2009

I'd call it the Shawly

We've all seen the infomercial - and even though it's the most ridiculous thing you've ever seen you know you secretly want one - and it comes with a free booklight! Yep, it's the Snuggy - the blanket with sleeves!

But why settle for this cheap fleece version when you can whip out one of these?

So much more stylish and practical really. I mean you couldn't wear the Snuggy to the supermarket but you could wear this. Though I might suggest you wear something underneath it besides just the wonderbra that this gal is sporting.

This is another one of the patterns in my knitting pattern desk calendar. It's a shawl (or a wrap) with sleeves. And while you can't deny that the yarn is lovely, I just wonder how many people could pull off a garment such as this? We don't all have freakishly long and flat torsos like this woman. I mean is it just me or does it look like the length between this womans chin and her hips is comparable to the length of a tennis court? Maybe it's an optical illusion caused by that incredibly low cut pair of pants. What do you think the length is on that zipper - about 3/4 of an inch?

I just can't imagine a normal person wearing this item with any outfit and not looking like she wrapped an afghan around her shoulders and cut out holes to put her arms through. But perhaps I'm being unfair. Perhaps the garment itself is more stylish than I give it credit for. I think I'm really just thrown off by this woman's freakishly long torso. Plus at first glance I swore it was Shania Twain, and I was thinking "good for her to be doing something, I haven't seen her in ages" and then I realized it wasn't her. You know you see a brunette and exposed midriff and well you just assume Shania.

What do you think? Is it stylish and cool or should it be sold with a free booklight?

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char said...

This is my first visit here. You are freakishly funny. :) I think I will hang around for a while and see what's here.