Monday, September 24, 2012

What the Hell?

I've been slightly absent from this blog for a little bit (I have a flair for stating the obvious, I know).  I have plenty of good excuses: I moved out of my house, moved back into my house, got a different job, freaked out about possible breast cancer which turned out to be just a lumpy tit, and started taking mood enhancing drugs.  For full details you'll have to wait until my autobiography is published (dont' hold your breath).

But it's all water under the bridge my friends, because I'm back . . . typing . . . about stuff. Okay, I've got things to say, really I do. I mean I don't want you to think that during my blog absence I wasn't doing anything crafty. I mean, I pinned a hell of a lot of shit on Pinterest. My 'pin it' button was on fire people!
What? That doesn't count?

Ummm, I found some pretty freaky crafts in my Mom's house:
 I had nightmares for weeks afterwards.
No, NO!! She's trying to suffocate me with those pom pom hands!!!
ahem . . . I've also been working on a fabulous crocheted blanket.  My son said to me one day, "Mom, are you going to be working on that for the rest of your life?"  It felt like it, it really did, but it's almost finished and hopefully will be in the shop soon. 

I've got some plans for new stuff for the shop, that may or may not reach fruition.  It's hard to tell with me.  And I'm also making it my mission to actually do some of the crafts I've pinned on Pinterest and I'll be sharing the success (or more than likely, failures) of those here on this blog.
So to sum things up: Sorry I was gone. I'm back. I don't promise anything spectacular but with the help of prescribed medication, I shall do my best!