Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The most wonderful time of the year

I love stuff - just about any kind of stuff really, and the stranger and the cheaper it is the better. That's why I love the summer because I have endless opportunities to find all sorts of treasures at garage sales.

Check out the finds I reeled in with just one morning's worth of work.

First off I found a ton of fabulous vintage children's books. I love the illustrations and I'm hoping at some point to repurpose them into other fabulous things.
Believe it or not, I got this entire set below for only $2. I saw it from across some gal's yard and nearly knocked over several shoppers just to get it before anyone else could snatch it up. It's one of the most fabulously ugly things I've ever seen.

I've determined that this is my new thing, "fabulously ugly" because anyone can have something aesthetically pleasing in their house, but where's the fun in that? You want some cute, sleek, ultra modern knick knack? Go to Ikea and buy something you can't pronounce. Maybe something with a vowel with those two little dots on top of it.

Me, I prefer this hideous ceramic coffee set made to look like stacked green apples and daisies. It's what you call a "conversation piece".

And speaking of conversation pieces, this was my best find yet: a holographic pictue of Jesus knocking on someone's front door.
I can't believe he only cost me a buck, and my husband can't believe that I actually hung him up in the hallway;

Me: "Look dear, every time you walk by him it looks like he's actually knocking!!"

My husband: *eye roll*

Almost every day I think of new things he might say to whoever opens that door and I imagine that will entertain me for years to come, and perhaps be added to the list of reasons why I'll never know what heaven looks like. I'm betting that old J.C. has a pretty good sense of humor though so I'm willing to risk it.

I can't wait until next Saturday!