Sunday, April 12, 2009

Going Vintage

I’m no antique dealer but I do enjoy going to antique stores and I adore a good garage sale or flea market and so over the years I’ve accumulated quite a few interesting vintage items. Most of them I’ve put to good use in my home either decoratively or in a utilitarian way but as my tastes and décor change and as I accumulate even more things it sometimes becomes necessary to clean things out.

I couldn’t bear to give these items to Goodwill and after putting on 3 very tedious and disappointing garage sales in the last few years and vowing to myself after each and every one never to do it again, I think I’ve finally convinced myself. So since Ebay annoys me I’ve decided to take advantage of Etsy’s vintage category and place some items in my shop.

They’re all things that are either from my childhood, like this Smurf license plate or things my parents have purged me from their extensive collections of oddities. Some are items I purchased to use in my home and have tired of.

The hardest part I’m finding is determining price. I don’t know how much to ask for an old Shirt Tales lunchbox or an ashtray in the shape of a toilet and for some of the more obscure items like a vinyl E.T. costume it’s hard to find anything comparable online to even get an idea on pricing.

I mean, what would you pay for a set of the Blue Falcon Crazy Eights cards?

So I just did my best through research and guessing to come up with what I hope is fair pricing and I’m crossing my fingers that no one with a nervous constitution and a weak heart views that E.T. costume because that thing is just freaky!

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Leslie said...

I know this post is old, but I was wondering if you still had the E.T. costume available? I couldn't locate it on Etsy. Thanks!