Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Spring has finally arrived - kind of (it's supposed to snow in my neck of the woods tomorrow), and that has prompted a great desire to see some blooms. 

I stumbled across this Pin the other day:

The idea is to place some small pebbles or marbles in the bottom of a vase, place a tulip bulp on top of them, add a bit of water just up to the roots and then enjoy the colors of spring.

It seemed easy enough, and I'll spare you the suspense by telling you that yes, it did actually work.  I did a little twist on it though that I thought I would share.

Instead of using vases, I used vintage glass insulators.  I love the color and shape of them and they worked great for this project as the interior of them is very narrow which allows the root of the bulb to have access to the water without need of marbles or rocks at the bottom.

However, some rocks were needed at the top of the bulb to secure it in place.

The only downfalls I found were that it was difficult to gauge the water level without removing the bulb to look, and also the tulips had a tendency to grow at an angle without having any support on the sides.

It was still lots of fun and a great way to use some vintage stuff I had lying around.