Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Best Bingo Ever!

My birthday is coming up and while normally I might lament the addition of another year to my already downtrodden body, this year I've been anticipating it with tremendous zeal. Why? I'll tell you, because this year the anniversary of my birth coincides with the DVD release of New Moon!!

I was only able to see New Moon once in the theatre (I had hoped for at least twice) and so I'm quite thrilled at the opportunity to view it again and have it available for my viewing pleasure whenever my little heart desires. Well "whenever" is not really accurate. I'll have to wait until the kids are asleep, not that it's really that scary, but just because they'll complain the whole time about how they'd rather watch Scooby Doo. Plus it's March Madness so my husband will be watching basketball games and/or highlights from basketball games for the remainder of the month. But, the point is that theoretically it will be available if I can ever squeeze it in.

I'm certainly going to watch it on the 20th! What better way to celebrate the DVD release AND my birthday than with a New Moon DVD viewing party?!

I've spent the last two weeks preparing. I've got plates, napkins, streamers. I found an extremely cheesy New Moon card game on clearance and sacrificed some of the cards to decorate some straws. I'll be serving blood red daquiri's of course.

But the best part of all is going to be my New Moon Bingo!

I must give credit to my friend Shawna for spurring the idea. She suggested it as a way to make our movie viewing night more interactive. I found a New Moon Bingo game available for purchase online but all it consisted of was varied pictures of the cast.
I wanted something that would truly help us appreciate the New Moon experience, which is both wondrously fabulous and wondrously cheesy and disappointing at the same time. You see, as much as I love the Twilight movies and the books, I have to acknowledge that they're really just downright silly at times. So to really capture those moments and appreciate them, I tailored my Bingo game to accentuate them.
There are squares for things like "Carlisle is in a scene" or "Jacob has long hair" and then there are the more entertaining squares like:
-Jasper's hair is the most frightening thing in the scene
-Edward expresses his angst by looking like he smells something unpleasant
-Jacob has a shirt on but you're imagining him without one
-Bella runs through the forest duck-footed and dressed like someone from Little House on the Prairie.
It's all in good fun and I'm hoping it makes the night more enjoyable. Want a copy of your own to enhance your New Moon viewing pleasure? It's available here. I've removed the images from the Free square (I don't want to risk any copyright infringement or whatever) but other than that it's as pictured, with 6 varied game boards, just for you. Enjoy!