Monday, June 29, 2009

A knitting milestone, and Name that Monster

This weekend marked a momentous occassion in my life. I finished my first ever knitting in the round project. And what did I choose? A nice simple hat? Nope. I chose Penelope, the Empathetic Monster:

She was as easy to make as she is adorable, after I got the hang of double pointed needles that is.
I got the pattern on Etsy from DangerCrafts whose business name I adore so much that even if all she sold was ceramic coiled rattlesnake sculptures I'd probably still buy something from her. Thankfully though she sells absolutely adorable knit monster/animal patterns instead.

Even though the pattern is for "Penelope", I'm not sure that my reincarnation of her really looks like a Penelope. I was thinking she was more like a Margaret, or maybe a Mathilda.

What do you think? What should her name be?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Stuff! Flannel and Chenille - and a Giveaway!

Update: We have a winner. My random number generator (my 5 yr. old) has chosen our lucky winner. It's Michelle a.k.a Busym1. Congrats! and thanks to all who entered.

I scored some sweet cuddly flannel on sale a while back and I ran across it last week when trying to tidy up my craft room. A surprising thing happened. Instead of shoving it in a drawer somewhere, I actually took the initiative to use it in some projects.

I found some soft chenille hanging out in a corner too and ta-da! Some new inventory for the shop. Finally!

I've also been having some fun with my cricut and whipped out some cute little ladybug thank you notes as well.

And to say thank you to all of you for checking out my blog, I'm giving away a couple flannel and chenille washcloths. They're perfect for use as burp cloths, or for wiping runny noses, or even in the tub!

One lucky winner will get 2 washcloths. They look like these except they don't have the ribbon tags.
Just post a comment and I'll pick a random winner on Friday, June 19th. Be sure to include your email address or profile so I can contact you for your mailing address.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tawashi Knot - hold the sour cream please

For the past couple weeks I've been knitting some scrubbers to use around the house, tawashi knots, to be exact.

I had been looking for a quick and easy knitting project to give me a sense of accomplishment and these fit the bill nicely. I used this great little pattern I stumbled across one day online to make these cute and functional little scrubbers.

They're constructed of a long narrow strip of knitted fabric that's folded into this cute little knot. My husband, who had repeatedly asked me what I was knitting (he didn't quite get it when he saw this long strip of knit fabric, and I told him it was a scrubber) was in awe when I showed him the finished project.

"Oh" he said, understanding finally dawning on his face. "It's a crunchwrap supreme!"

And well yes, yes it is.