Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Good, The Unkempt and The Freakish

For Christmas I got a daily knitting pattern calendar. I keep it on my desk at work as a reminder that I need my job in order to afford yarn.

Now so far it's been great. The patterns are simple, mostly useful items and I've saved quite a few of the patterns for future projects, like this lovely hat and scarf pattern. Plus having this male model staring back at me made January 12 a little more tolerable.

Hello. If I thought he'd magically materialize if I knitted that scarf and hat my co workers would have heard nothing but the clicking of needles from my cubicle!

Anyway, on Monday this pattern popped up and I thought it was slightly odd. I mean who really wants to knit a sweater for a 6 inch doll, and what's up with this poor doll's hair?

AND THEN . . . I flipped the calendar over on Tuesday to see this:

I seriously had to turn the calendar around! This little doll was freaking me out. I couldn't quite pinpoint the source of the freakout factor. Was it the fact that someone had skinned a hedgehog to make his hair? His deathly pale skin and black lifeless eyes? The fact that he was wearing lipstick? And then I figured it out - it was the variegated knit pants. I hate variegated yarn!


nattybumbum said...

That post was sooo funny. I can't stop laughing

PumpkinGirl said...

Wow, freakish! Why couldn't they have shown those sweaters as little holiday ornaments or something. I mean, when you get the proofs of those photos back and go "yeah, that'll work!" that's what scares me.