Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Worth the wait

My very best friend, Shawna, presented me with this fabulous late Christmas gift this past weekend.
It's a lovely cowl and it's construction is very interesting. It's comprised of many crocheted chains that are held together only at the ends. The texture is fabulous, I love the way it lays around my neck and the Yarn Bee yarn is incredibly soft as well. Thanks Shawna!
I also recently recieved another gift, this one from my mom. It's a fabulous wrist strap for my keys. I love the ribbon she used on it and I love that I can keep my keys handy around my wrist, especially when the windchills are in negative temps. It's no fun fumbling around in your pocket to unlock the van doors when you've got a 2 year old in your arms that refuses to keep a hat on her head.


Lana said...

Do you know where you mom got the metal clip for that keychain? I have been wanting to make those but can't find the metal part. . .btw I LOVE your blog!!

Pin and Paper said...

Thanks Lana! She purchased the hardware from www.craftersvision.com though I think there are probably lots of online sources for them. She said they were very easy to use just be sure to put some fabric over the metal piece before your crimp it together so it doesn't get scratched. Amy