Wednesday, February 11, 2009

To Cricut or not to Cricut? That is the question.

I’ve always loved die cut machines and secretly harbored a desire for one, but I could just never find them practical enough. I couldn’t justify the large price tag for the machine and then the subsequent hefty price tag of the individual dies. I mean do I really want to spend $15 on a die of a baby bottle? How often am I going to need that baby bottle? Would I even use it 15 times so that the cost would even out to $1 per use? And what if I wanted it in a different size? What’s the likelihood that I’d want a die cut dog in the exact same size every time I used it? Pretty unlikely.

So when the Cricut came out I was intrigued. After all it was much more space conscious than normal die cut machines, and it allowed you to program different sizes for your die cuts which was fantastic. I was still able to talk myself out of it though because it could only go up to 5 inches and I like big bold elements on my pages so it still wasn’t worth it, and then they came out with the Cricut Expression which can cut full 12x12 die cuts andpieces up to 23" then the drooling began. I even sit through those incredibly cheesy Cricut infomercials – have you seen those? The ones in which it appears that assembling die cut Minnie Mouse cupcake toppers is a near orgasmic experience for Cricut owners.

But just wait! Not only can you cut paper but you can cut fabric, vinyl and chipboard as well. After you’ve watched the full infomercial you’re convinced that this thing could give you a mani and pedi, fold your laundry and replace every household appliance you own! But here’s the kicker: it’s $300 and after that investment you’re still talking $50 on average for the cartridges. I’d love to have it and I’m sure I’d make full use of it if I had it but is it worth it?

My poor husband has watched me drooling over this thing for months and months. He’s seen the longing gazes towards them on the store shelves, he’s seen me caress the boxes, he’s interrupted more than one guilty viewing of that informercial and so he’s willing to make its purchase possible but I’m just not sure. It’s a lot of money that we could spend on something else.

So I’m begging anyone who has one or is thinking of getting one to let me know your thoughts. If you have one do you love it? Do you regret it? Could you live without it now that you have it? If you don’t have one are you thinking of getting one?


Jennifer said...

The cricut is awesome! You will not regret it! One word of advice if you want the Expressions--Look for it at a store like AC Moore. They bundle it with cartridges sometimes and run it for a decent price-between 320 and 350. They have a website if you do not heave a nearby store. When my hubby bought mine it came with 4 cartridges in the box.

Jennifer said...

Forgot to add--there is a Cricut messageboard that has lots of info, projects people have done sorted by cartridge, etc. It's, look under community.

Tams said...

I have a cricut expressions and I love it! YOu can do so much with. Even my husband uses it regularly. I only have a couple cartridges, I mainly use the program Sir Cuts A Lot and cut whatever I want!! I use it now with cards, scrapbook pages, cutting out fabric appliques for projects, decorating my daughter's rooms (can see using it in the future to decorate her school supplies and water bottles.. etc). It's always on the "cut" around here.