Friday, November 13, 2009

Embracing my inner 13 year old

I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but I’m a Twilighter. I know, it’s so incredibly juvenile, and trust me, I had no intention of ever becoming a Twilight fan. I went quite some time refusing to have anything to do with it. I mocked it, I turned my nose up at it and then I finally broke down and rented out the movie just to see what the fuss was about and . . . the acting was completely horrid and the storyline seemed less than stellar.

However, there was Robert Pattinson's incredibly square jaw to consider (I may have watched the rental more than once to study the beauty of that man’s face) and I figured there had to be more to the storyline that possibly just didn’t translate to the movie. So I borrowed the books from a friend and the rest is history.

So here I am, along with my other twenty and thirty-something friends anticipating the upcoming New Moon movie like a bunch of giddy schoolgirls. We decided we needed a physical marker of our obsession and what better thing than Twilight t-shirts!

Now, we might be pathetic grown women obsessing over fictional characters and actors who make the cover of Teen People, but we’re not so pathetic that we want to be seen in our nearest Hot Topic picking out generic Twilight shirts.

So since we’ve all got a crafty streak we’ve decided to make our own t-shirts. We’ve got big plans and since we’re not actually constructing them until next week I can’t show you the finished products. However, I wanted to share something I have planned for my shirt in case anyone else out there has a similar Edward fascination.

I give you the Edward silhouette.

Silhouette’s are big nowadays and I’ll admit that along with fictional vampires they are another one of my current obsessions. So I decided to do one of Edward (R. Patz).

I think it’s fitting since Edward is an immortal romantic type of guy and silhouettes invoke that old fashioned romantic feel. And I’m hoping it will be a cool sophisticated design for my T. I’ll show you the finished product next week and you can make your own judgment.

I created it by combing the web for some profile shots of Robert and tracing the outline of his chiseled features. I used this photo for his face and then had to find another one for the hair and meld them together, but I thought it came out pretty well.

I’m going to paint him on my T using the freezer paper method. I got to thinking that he’d be great on other things as well like on a pillowcase, or at the end of a simple scarf, or if you’re really obsessed you could frame him and put him on your wall, use him to make invitations to the Twilight party you throw when New Moon comes out on video – whatever! I just couldn’t keep him for myself.

So feel free to right click on the picture(s) above and save it to your files to do with as you will. All I ask is that if you use him that you share what you made. I’d love to see it! Shoot me an email ( or whatever.


Beth said...

I love this. I think I may make it on a tee, then wear it to go watch New Moon.

Ada said...

wauuuuuuuuu said...

This is fabulous! Don't tell anyone but I'm going to. Maybe in a disguise, but I'm going. =) I'm hoping to find enough Twilight projects to put anther Roundup. If I do, I'll be linking.

Leahdis said...

Im a twilight mum too! Love it. Thanks for sharing. The book is 10 times better than the movie.

do it yourselfer said...

shut the front door!!! i love this! i did a something similar. i think i'll do it and put it up with my kids' silhouettes!

edsmermaid said...

This is the best! Thank you so much for your silhouette, it is perfect. I used it on bags I made for the tweens in my family. If you want to see how they turned out, you can check it them out on my blog at
I didn't forget to mention you ; )
I am sucked in too. Luckily for me I have an 11 year-old to hide behind. LOL

Paula said...

Such an ingenious idea. I saw it first on another blog that linked me here. Then I got to see the real thing. She had made bags for her granddaughters, and they loved them. I thought it had been screen printed. All I can say is AMAZING!

Doty Family said...

Ah, I'm not sure where to post this comment, but I made some Twilight cupcake toppers and used this silhoutte for one of them. Thought I'd let ya know. Thanks!

Lora Joy said...

I love this! hehe!!!

Beansieleigh said...

Love the Twilight books and movies, and have been in several Twilight tag swaps. More Twilight projects are on my to-do list, eventually, so I absolutely LOVE these! Thanks so much for sharing them! ~tina