Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Have you ever been awake so long into the wee hours of the morning and had so much to accomplish that you begin to contemplate whether you should even bother going to bed at all?

I have, and the only thing that convinces me to eventually retire is the thought of what I would look like around 1:00 pm the following day – my drool seeping into the keyboard, my cheek resting on the spacebar and my co-workers huddled around giggling and discussing whether or not I’ll get fired right then and there or if management will simply document the infraction in my file so that they can fire me at a later date.

I’m trying to do so much crafting for gifts that I often cannot decide on which project to work on first and end up flitting from one to the other and getting very little accomplished.

I am bolstered though as each small project is completed. I can’t show you all I’m working on since the recipients of some of these gifts read this blog, however I can show off one thing that I’ve already gifted to my daughter for her 2nd birthday which was last week.

Bekkie is from a pattern by Rosalie Quinlan. She was quite simple to make but still time consuming. I made her tights out of a pair of socks I found on clearance at Target and her denim dress and shoes are actually made out of an old pair of my jeans – my way of both recycling and putting even more of me into this little gift.

As expected, the gift of such a thoughtful, heartfelt, handcrafted doll had little effect on my beloved baby girl and she unceremoniously tossed her into the corner of her room.

I’m not taking it personally though – perhaps she’ll learn to appreciate it in time, and even if she doesn’t it matters very little. My joy was in making it for her and that is enough.

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