Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Halloween Grab Bags

I love Halloween. It’s a pretty close second behind Christmas as my favorite holiday and is only trailed slightly by my 3rd favorite; Talk like a Pirate Day (Aaaargh!) Anyway, since my son is in preschool now I have the opportunity to flex my Halloween gift giving muscles and I came up with the idea of sending him to school with little Halloween treat bags for each of his classmates.

I didn’t want to send him with candy as I figure the kids will find plenty of opportunities to rot their teeth without my help, so I came up with this:
I purchased Halloween pencils at the dollar store as well as plastic Halloween rings. Within each ring is a rolled up joke (preschool appropriate of course) in case they need some help finding the perfect joke to add to their trick or treat arsenal.

The piece de resistance however is the cute little finger puppet bats. I got this idea from Domesticali who generously shared a tutorial on making these little guys on her website. I made mine from plain felt instead of wool felt since that's what I had on hand.

Aaron helped me stamp some brown paper lunch bags with Halloween rubber stamps and we placed one of each item inside each bag.

Crafty eh?

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