Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Brace yourselves!

Guess who's got a new item in her Etsy shop??

No, really, guess . . .
I'm waiting . . .

Okay, fine - some people like guessing games you know. . . but obviously you're not one of them so I'll just go ahead and tell you.

It's me!

I've actually got 5 new items in the shop. Granted, they're all variations of the same product but hey, progress has been made!

I think they're adorable and would be a perfect gift for a soon to be mom or someone who just really likes animals that wear hats, or shirts with no pants, or overalls with no shirts - what the hell?!

Really I'd like to think that anyone who enjoys vintage children's book illustrations would like one of these cute little keychains.

 I'm glad I finally found a use for some of the older vintage books I've picked up at garage sales and flea markets. These weren't in the best of shape but since the images are small I was able to rescue and preserve some of them on these little wooden cubes.
Click my Etsy link on the side to check them out in the shop if you'd like.

1 comment:

Chips and Salsa with Beans said...

Ok, so this post cracked me up too!
So either...
1) you are just hecka funny
2) I am deliriously tired

I'm going with number 1 because its only 8 at night and I'm really funny, so I KNOW funny.