Saturday, November 12, 2011

And then I got so excited I needed to change my pants

This past weekend I went to a local flea market. It's usually got the run of the mill flea market vendors; bulk food, t-shirts emblazoned with wolves howling at the moon or running with the wild free wind in their fur, belt buckles, wind chimes made out of hubcaps etc. However, this time there was a new vendor. She had baskets of vintage fabric, old books and....

a 1964 McCall's pattern book.

Yes, a whole section just for Muu Muus!

I have a rather large weakness for vintage ephemera, and my love of sewing and the artistry of patterns makes this a perfect piece for my collection.

I have no idea what I'm going to do with it besides just stare at it and smile and right now, that's enough.


tibby said...

I love all your crafts! You might not be a procastinator, may be you're juggling too mang things! I'm on your team I know. I can belive you're in Iowa, my best from college lives in Cedar Rapids (we're from Spain)!!
Congrats for all those BEAUTIFUL ruffled cussions! I really live them and the blouse

Unknown said...

I would scan some images , print on fabric and use on one of your quills like you did the hunky guys! I think you could tape down thin cotton(old sheet? ) and run thru printer PS luv luv luv your stuff!