Friday, May 13, 2011

Holy Crapola!

UPDATE: the winners have been chosen! Drumroll please............

Congratulations Jaclyn (anyone who would want 107 oreos is a friend of mine!) and BettyCrockerAss! (because I've got a lot of days I'd like to do over too)

I'll be contacting you to find out where to ship your pincushions to.

Thanks to everyone who commented. I loved them all but unfortunately I could only pick 2.

A friend of mine pointed out the other day that I currently have 107 followers on this blog.

I’ve been flirting with the 100 mark for quite some time but to finally achieve it, and actually surpass it – well it feels like an accomplishment, even though all I do is randomly post some drivel about bears crapping in the woods.

107! Thanks everyone. It honestly means a lot to me that 107 of you find this place useful enough and entertaining enough to add it to what I’m sure is a long list of other internet stops in your busy lives. I mean Farmville isn’t going to play itself, am I right?

So to sufficiently express my gratitude I’m giving away two of these lovely funky pincushions.

All you have to do to win is tell me in the comments what you’d like to have 107 of. Consider this your thought provoking Thursday! (hey, I know it's Friday but Blogger was unavailable yesterday when I tried to post so cut me some slack)

Everybody wants 107 of something, right?

107 life sized Smurf figurines – sign me up!

107 vacation days from work - oh yeah!

107 freckles – what? I’ve got a lot more than that right now, 107 would be a reduction!

You get the idea. Now to be fair I should probably just choose a winner at random but I’ve never really been accused of being fair. So I’m just going to pick the two that make me smile the biggest and they will be the winners.

Be sure to leave some way for me to get in contact with you.


Jaclyn said...

Im your newest follower! so now your at 108! As for 107 of something...well I would like to eat 107 oreos right now...ive been craving them! lol

Gardening Mommy said...

Would LOVE 107 more hours of sleep before our twins arrive!
Thanks for the chance to win!

Donna said...

congrats! just found your blog today via pinterest and made one of your little flat bottom bags you made out of the casserole cover fabric! will share it on my blog soon. I would like to have 107 days off work so I can just do crafty stuff! love the cute pin cushion! my email is linked on my blog and on my comment back *smile*

ErikaLuke said...

Hi! I don't think I show up as follower, but I do have you bookmarked to check in regularly. I would love to have 107 uninterrupted hours to spend with my sweet little boy and amazing hubby without work or housework.

Betty Crocker Ass said...

107 things? well, Id take 107 extra days that I could use to redo any day. you know, when you have a bad day and you wish you could redo it....Simply pull out on of those extra days and start all over agin!!

Got Grammer said...

107 monte crisots, 107 maids to do my bidding, 107 prethreaded bobbins in every color possible, 107 minutes to myself daily, no 107 minutes to myself weekly, 107 millon dollars, 107 foot massages, 107 minutes with ewan mcgreggor, 107 days of pure a time

Jos said...


*Nikki said...

I would love a 107 kisses from my little boys that I could keep in a bottle and pull out whenever I needed!