Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rhinestones are a girl’s best friend

When I was a little girl I would pry open the lid of this box and immerse myself for hours in the wonders it possessed.

My great grandmother’s costume jewelry:

And now all these years later they’re mine and the wonder and joy of them have not diminished in the least.

Unfortunately some of them are beyond repair, but most of them are in great shape and just need a little TLC.

I’ve already repurposed some of the clip on earrings that have lost their mates, into rings. The rest I plan to leave as is.

And I found my old Cabbage Patch ring! "Memories, like the corners of my mind . . . "

These two have always been my absolute favorites. When I was a girl I would pretend they were real diamonds and I was a princess.

My little princess gets to wear them now too.

I showed her how I used to wear them while pretending to be an exotic dessert princess.

Maybe now I'll find some occassion to wear them myself - and I'll make my husband address me as, "your ladyship".

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Jamie and Shane said...

OOOO...I LOVE costume brooches...I have a collection of over 30. I have 2 daughters and just found a website that makes gorgeous wedding bouquets with them, and I just hope one or both are interested. (Yeah right! Just like they are interested in the vintage "member's only" jacket that I have saved for 30 years KNOWING that it will come back into style for sure!)Anyway, you should google the site. It's definately eye candy to see these bouquets....(I'm sure that bouquets isn't spelled right. I guess I'm ok with that.) LOVE your site. We have similar sarcastic abilities...I just ordered a rubber stamp off of ebay that says "Sarcasm is a gift". Love it!