Monday, January 10, 2011

Strollers and Diapers are not nearly as cute

My friend Angie is expecting a baby girl and while I could certainly purchase something for her upcoming baby shower off her baby registry, what would be the point?

I mean who needs diapers? Onesies? baby bottles? Come on, completely overated!

Eveyone knows what babies really need: adorable booties

These are my favorites:

And of course a hat.

But as I gazed upon the cuteness of my creations I started wondering; "Why didn't I make my own daughter some cute stuff like this when she was a baby?" And then I remembered why. Because she was my 2nd child and quite frankly I was just too damn exhausted.
So congrats Angie and prepare yourself for the ensuing fatigue!

* baby booties were made from a free tutorial at shwinandshwin. Check out their site, they have great tutorials!
*crocheted hat was made from the scalloped beanie pattern by InnerHooker

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Sandy said...

I just love the little shoes and hat. How precious!