Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Those aren't raisins

It all started so innocently. I had a little bit of yarn leftover from a project so I made this little cutie.
And then I thought he might get lonely, so I made him a pal.

And they quickly formed a strong bond.

A couple days later I came home to Neil Diamond on the stereo and an opened bottle of Boone's strawberry wine. I think you all know what came next.

And then things really started getting out of hand.

I can't keep the cupboards stocked. They really like cookies - I'm buying Chips Ahoy in bulk!

And I'd really like to watch somehting other than GSN. I mean I enjoy Press Your Luck and old episodes of Let's Make a Deal as much as the next gal but 24/7? Everytime I try to change the channel thought things get ugly.

So I'm shipping these little guys off to my husband's mother who will find good homes for them with the children that come through the social service office she works for.

If you've got a surplus of cookies around you can make your own bunnies too. I used this fabulous free pattern from one of my favorite Etsy sellers; Rebecca of Danger Crafts.


honestybecomesme said...

LOVELY!!!! I must say- I was at work when I found your page and almost fell off my chair when I saw your bunny post- too funny!

LadyBug said...

LMAO!!!!! great Rabbits :)