Saturday, December 19, 2009

On a completely unrelated note

Have you ever gotten a tacky gift? I'm sure you have. A few years back my best friend and I decided to celebrate the joy of tacky gifts by creating a Tacky Gift Competition. Visit here to get more information on how the competition started and its rules.

My reason for telling you this today is that it's voting time. Both she and I have purchased our tacky items and I'd like your help to determine a winner. Take a gander at the tacky beauties below and then if you're so inclined, please head to the tacky treasure website to see even more photos and place your vote.

Which is tackier? Jesus of the Sea? or Googly Eyed Fisherman with crotch protruding pole?

You decide!


Honey said...

I couldn't find the moss you blogged about after needing to feed the kids, but I thought a post under 'on a completely unrelated note' would be appropriate. My present to you: Want more moss? Grab unflavored yogurt & a handfull of moss...whir together in a blender...spread on whatever you want...ground, planters, terracotta pots, ANYTHING! Keep in a cool, moist spot out of direct sun & voila! you'll soon have a moss covered something. I think an old chair would look great covered in soft moss...Oh...use a paint brush to smear it on & it's the right consistency when it looks like baby poop. Perhaps making this stuff up will rid you of the mcd (Moss Compulsive Disorder!)


Pin and Paper said...

OMG I could cover the entire house in moss! The couch! The end tables! I'm heading out to buy yogurt in bulk. thanks for the great tip Honey!