Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh Yeah, I'm cool

One of my favorites gifts this year was an MP3 player. I had resisted getting one for a long time because I figured I had better things to do than sit around at night downloading music to it, but after years of listening to the same 15 CD's at work over and over and over again, I gave in.

I love it! Ok, I've only got 68 songs on it so far but I'm working on it, plus I can get my favorite radio station at my desk, which is something I never could do with my radio.

It's a Phillips and it's small and cute, but of course it needed something - a cute little case. I made this one out of felt and it was pretty easy.

I'm thinking of improving on my design and making another one, but perhaps I should focus on filling up my 450 song capacity first.

The mushroom embroidery on the front is from Annie Oak Leaves cute little things embroidery pattern.

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Hadley Coble said...

That is adorable! I don't get nearly enough use out of my mp3 as I'd like, but I like knowing it's there when I get ready for it!