Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Late night project

This week has not been a real good one as far as productivity goes.

We've had a medical emergency with our dog, a toddler tooth removed, and on top of it all everyone in the household has a cold. We're also trying to prepare for an upcoming trip to visit my husband's family in Kansas. So though I have a couple items prepared and ready to list in my Etsy site, I'm afraid they'll have to wait until next week. Work on business related crafts will also be put on hold starting next week. I'll be frantically working on crafts for Christmas gifts.

However, I did accomplish something small last night and I wanted to share it. I felt it was a necessity with our upcoming trip so I sacrificed a couple hours of much needed sleep to get it done.

Aaron has a Nintendo DS and when we bought it for him we also got a pouch to house it in. It works well, however there is nothing to hold his extra games. We bought him a hard sided case to house the game cartridges in but then he's either carrying it in his pocket or just leaving it lay somewhere.

I thought if I could create another simple pouch to piggyback onto his current DS pouch that it would be perfect. I used some felt I had and I embellished it with some quick hand embroidery. I did the rocket free hand and it only took me about 3 tries to get the letters small enough to fit his whole name inside the rocket.

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